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Cupid's Floats

Cupid's Floats

Servings 1 Float


  • 2 Scoops French Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 1 Cup Cherry 7UP
  • Dollop Homemade Whipped Cream
  • 1 Tsp Maraschino Cherry Juice
  • Sprinkles as desired for Garnish
  • Maraschino Cherries as desired for Garnish


  • Slowly pour the Cherry 7UP into the desired glass.
  • Scoop the ice cream into the soda.
  • Freeze for 10 minutes.
  • Top with a Dollop of Homemade Whipped Cream.
  • Pour the tsp of maraschino juice over the whipped cream.
  • Garnish with sprinkles and maraschino cherries, as desired.


For any float, pour the soda before scooping the ice cream into your glass to reduce the amount of foam.
For a little extra frost, freeze a glass wrapped in a wet paper towel for 15 minutes.