Ingredient: Water

The Derry Snowcone

A horror-themed cocktail that’ll make YOU FLOAT TOO! The Derry Snowcone pulls together some sweet flavors for a nostalgic carnival taste with a raspberry puree float on top.

Cran-Banana Bread

Cran-Banana Bread is a lightly spiced banana bread with sweet, rubied cranberries inside. Topped with a delicious brown sugar crumble, sure to please any breakfast loving sweet tooth.

Delicious Taco Pie

Tuesday Taco Nights are not a thing in our house, if we could get away with it, every night would be taco night. Or nachos. Or burritos. *Drooling* We love Mexican food in general. Sometimes tacos just don’t do it for me though. The taco pie has the exact same […]

Canadian Old Fashioned

A Canadian Old Fashioned is hands down my favorite drink. I can put these down like no other, any occasion, any day of the week. The one drawback to loving this drink is that I can never find a bartender that can make it, let alone know what goes into […]