For The Kids

Back to School

Back to School Lunch

This week was Back to School for our little one. Not only is Summer Vacation over, but she’s moving to a school closer to our new house. Understandably, she was not happy to go Back to School and make all new friends. If you’ve read our bio or past blogs, […]

Chicken Avocado Bacon Wrap

Chicken Avocado Bacon Wrap

I’d say a good amount of lunches around our house are prepared by Mike, but every now and then I’ll get an idea and he’ll let me roll with it. This time, Mike had made some bacon for breakfast and I asked him to set some aside for me. I […]

Ritz S'mores

Ritz S’mores

A very quick and easy dessert to cure that sweet and salty craving. Ritz S’mores features a cookie sandwich made with Ritz Crackers and Rolos Candies, and Marshmallows if desired.