About Us

Get to Know Us:

We had been best friends for several years before we realized that there could be more between us. Through our worst times, we were there for one another and have grown stronger together from it. We are millennials with an old-fashioned viewpoint on many things; like parenting, respect and work ethic.  Keep in mind, we live in Reno, so recipe times may vary because of our elevation.

You will soon find out that we love to CELEBRATE! Anything and everything we possibly can. If it is National Chocolate Mousse Day, Crys is whipping up some mousse! On National Grilled Cheese Day, we have grilled cheese for dinner. Food may not have been what brought us together, but it sure has added some delicious fun to our relationship. Some of our favorite date nights are those spent in the kitchen, cooking a meal together – with a glass of wine. We believe it’s best to Garnish Life… with love.

We are both constantly being asked by friends, family, and coworkers to share both food and drink recipes that we’ve exposed them to. This blog is the solution to those requests and an outlet for us to share our joy of cooking, baking and mixing with the rest of the world. While we will both contribute to each section of the site, most of the alcoholic beverages will be provided by Mike; and Crys will be introducing you to meals, appetizers, snacks, and her favorite: desserts. We are hoping to appeal to everyone, whether you are looking for something cute for your kid’s enjoyment or a drink recipe of the adult variety.



I am a bit of a Type A personality. I need things neat, highly organized and very clean- I can be easily stressed out. I love cooking and baking; mostly I enjoy serving food and knowing that people enjoy what I’ve created. For several years I was the go to in my family for birthday cakes and special events, but life had become too busy to keep that up, as well as the pressure I put on myself for perfection. I am hoping to work on that and get back into the special treats. Mike’s daughter has been an inspiration to me for cute snacks and treats, so I will be sharing these tips and tricks with you wherever I can. I have binders full of recipes that I have altered and changed to make my own, and here, I will perfect these recipes and share them with you in hopes to bring the same joy to your tables.



I’m the Type B in the relationship. Being more relaxed and easy going, keeping us grounded and balanced. I love a great cocktail AND a great meal. Between my day job and the weekly life of being new homeowners and part-time parents of my kiddo, life can get hectic.  My favorite escape from the daily grind is a smooth cocktail and a nice meal (or snack). Stay tuned and we will hopefully open your eyes to some ideas you may not have thought of.